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Clock Work Shop

Time Weaver: Time Collector Series

I have a clock for a heart… 

And the man who put it there tried to take it out. 

Klaus and Elizabeth sitting side by side. Klaus with his hand gripped around the blade and Elizabeth's hands cupped, protecting the heart shape locket.

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Xpresso Tour Reviews

A HUGE thank you to every particpating in the Book Tour with Xpresso. I especially wanted to thank Giselle for organising everything, this has been such an amazing tour and I am over the moon with the response.

KJ Reads A lot  

*** Kj Says ***
 Jordan is a new Reaper and he really isn’t happy in the role, kind of lost and wanting his old life back. As he slowly accepts who he is, he redefines the Reaper’s world by his rules. Family loyalty way after death stays with him and makes a big difference in the way he does things. Follow Jordan as he tries to handle what has happened to himself and others that he cares for without getting completely lost. Will he manage to disrupt life as everyone knows it or will he settle into his new role?
 I found myself really enjoying this book, I like the whole story. It did answer some of my questions from the first book which was really nice. I like the way Ms. Maree writes, it reads so nicely and I have absolutely no trouble “seeing” the story. I am eagerly awaiting more, this story is so good and I am invested in the characters. I thank Xpresso and Jacinta Maree for making this book available for me to read and review. 



Reading books of a series out of order typically bothers me, but even without reading the first book, The Reapers provided enough background that the reader can form an attachment to the characters and situations without it. 

Stepping into the world of the Reapers, readers are introduced to Jordon Hastings, a young man who by all rights should be dead. Beaten and hit by a car, Jordon wakes from what he thinks is a really horrible dream in a hospital bed with only mild head injuries. Convinced he'd been dreaming, he attempts to reenter his life again, but strange things keep happening. There seems to be someone in a cloak following him around, and he's the only one who seems to be able to remember. His shadow also seems to have a mind of it's own now, a huge demonic wolf having slipped into it, leaving Jordon on edge.

Eventually Jordon has to face the facts that he should be dead. And that he'll have to leave his family behind if he wants to keep them safe. He can't quite seem to let go though, a mistake that will cost him dearly. When one of his friends accidentally catches Jordon doing his reaping duty when on a banished soul, things go haywire. Jordon's mistake of remaining with his family and trying to continue his life as normal costs his friend Mark his life, leaving Jordon with a horrible guilt. It's after this that the process that should have been completed upon his death is finished, leaving Jordon unknown to anyone, just a generic face in the crowd. 

But Jordon can't just leave his family behind. Unwittingly, he causes more issues for his family, eventually leading to the accidental death of his younger brother. This tips Jordon into a need to protect the younger's soul as it's become a banished, prompting a string of events not even the Angelic Hunters could have predicted. 

Maree's writing flows together well, giving the reader a sense of belonging despite the amount of strange things going on. Her descriptions of places allows for building a mental picture of the worlds, the characters, and everything involved. I definitely will be looking for the first book of this series as well as any other books that might come along.


This book was awesome. Exciting, fast paced and full of twists and turns, I was fully immersed in the world of Reapers, Hunters, Royals, Banished and Hosts.

I loved how this book took place before and during the events of book 1, because it added to the story by clearing up some of the questions I had whilst reading the first book. It also gave me a chance to see a different side of Evan/Lock, and how and why he became a Banished.

It was interesting to see things from a Reapers perspective, because they were kind of made out to be these horrible beings who felt nothing for the Banished and just allowed their Goons to destroy “lives”.

I also loved getting to know certain characters were before they appeared in Lock’s life in Banished Spirits. I felt a little tingle of excitement every time I recognized someone or was able to tie together events. The world in which these spirits dwelled was exciting and at times terrifying, but Jordon and his friends fought for their rights, and it was one thrilling adventure.


Mythical Books

The Reapers is the second volume of the My Demonic Ghost series and, being forced to skip the first volume, I was nervous that I'll need some information from the previous book to feel the story in full. That was not the case; The Reapers does not need any leverage. It is a great stand alone story, well-knitted, motivated and fine driven. However, I cannot deny, that now I am eager to read the first book because, if it is to resemble even partially with The Reapers, the full product will be a "mind blowing".

I used above the verb "to feel" and I did not do it for nothing. The story makes you feel. It is pure tension, atmosphere and excitement. Of course, it can be read just as an action story too. You will find, among other good things: a rhythm whose crescendo is obvious, twists, unexpected, thrill, suspenseful struggle of life and death (I mean the destruction of the spirit, not physical death because, remember, we are dealing with reapers), losses, comrades and enemies, allies that can kill you in an instant at the order of others ... I'll just tell you that The Reapers is a true (successful) Dystopia of that perfect world that is promised to all of us... in accordance with our own deeds. But if you read the book only as an adventure story you will lose. A lot. Even if the image of the Underworld as a corrupt world, in which the very ideas of good and evil, purity and sin are perverted, is fully "appealing".

The Spirit World was cracking. A battle for power was about to break the line between demons and angels. I had never thought in my wildest dreams I would be the culprit trying to tear down Heaven. We were always told that the Angels were good, but I suppose the reality isn’t always what the stories make them out to be.

Every action of the heroes is accompanied by emotions and feelings, by a substrate about that I could say it is a philosophical one, where the very distinction between good and evil makes that evil to be actually good and vice versa, where what must be done and what should be done are two things not only different, but opposites.

“Are you a corrupt spirit?” I asked with my brow raised. “Would you trust a demon even if it told you it was trustworthy?” “You’re not a demon.” “Sometimes I have my doubts.”

The emotions that the author manages to convey are sometimes overwhelming and lead the story to an entirely different level. At least it did it for me. I was gripped from the first paragraph, but I was subdued by the first chapter, the author with her inspiration gaining a loyal reader in me.

Each flake of life and identity broke and scattered until I became nothing but a vacant breath, lost in death.

The richness of language, the figures of speech used at the right moment and in right way enjoyed my mind and heart. In the same way, some of the characters’ names enchanted me to look for hidden meanings and nuances.

The Reapers brings together, skillfully intertwined: action, suspense, a wide range of feelings, doubts, the journey of a self discovery, the uncertainty of the existence of the Underworld, the reward or penalty, enabling the reader not only to read a beautiful story, but also to seek answers about himself and what it is, if it is, AFTER.

“There’s a world out there ruled by spirits and creatures that I am still trying to understand.”


A_TiffyFits Review 

I had the opportunity to read MY DEMONIC GHOST first before reading The Reapers.  And really...I recommend it. While you won't be lost while readingThe Reapers, I think the story is more powerful after you've read MY DEMONIC GHOST. I was envisioning reading them in opposite order and this way was much more powerful and emotional!

In MY DEMONIC GHOST you are introduced to the Banished, the Reapers, the Hunters, the Royals, etc. and come to the harsh realization that the afterlife is nothing more than the hell that was junior high or office politics at work or society at its worst. It's visceral, recognizable, and a bit wrenching at the unfairness of it all. Whether you were a cheer leader, the head of the student council, the bookworm, the jock, the drama star, the popular, or the unpopular, you will find someone to relate to in this story. And you'll find yourself wondering about the afterlife.

In THE REAPERS , you will find yourself on the same timeline as MY DEMONIC GHOST but from a different perspective. The way Jacinta Maree handled this was unique or at least one that I had not read before. Rather than showing concurrent events, you also got the WHYs and HOWs as information is shown to you through the actions and experiences of Jordon. Again, I found myself sympathizing and empathizing with these characters. At one point, I won't mention which but it does involve an animal, I even teared up.

I'd like to see what happens further, although I'm wholly satisfied with the story at this point. Jacinta nicely wrapped it in a way that I could walk away with different future scenarios in my head without driving me insane with wanting to know EXACTLY. I loved the different representations of the Sins, the Mother and her character and how it is built, the Creators, and the vicious stupid head on the throne who is just a greedy bad person/entity/whatever. Life after death isn't what you expect, it isn't fair, and change is a'coming! 


Creating Serenity 

Although this is a series you do not have to read the first book to understand the second. Surprisingly, although they are related, they are completely different. The second book answers some questions from the first but I don’t really think the first would have really added anything if you are short on time or something, so you do not have to worry about that one. I’m curious how these would work out of order because in book one, My Demonic Ghost, I had so many questions that I may have enjoyed it even more having these answers right at the gate.
The really interesting thing here is that this story is told from a completely different perspective and it is one that I really resonated with. The downside to this storyline is how Jordon. I felt like his transition could have been a lot smoother and some conflict could have been avoided and Jordon is another character, much like Lock in My Demonic Ghost, that I had some troubles with. I feel like he has some issues (being a reaper is sort of an issue!) but he is really dramatic with his issues. Maybe I’m weird but I think I would love to have my own Goon (heck I have four, they just don’t eat souls) so every time he was freaked about something I just couldn’t fully engage with him. But in Jordan’s defense he is dealing with quite a lot and Raix just makes his life crazy. And funnily enough Raix listens just like my pups do too!
As the story moves along I really started getting into it and enjoying the fully supernatural aspect. Jacinta Maree just has this way of writing that I really can sit back and enjoy. I really liked having some of the characters back and there are a ton of new characters in this too, although Raix is still my fav, I just cannot help myself!
I’m finding that Jacinta Maree has an imagination like no other. Her stories are fabulous with characters that I can really sink my teeth into. Although these are a bit on the creepy side, I can see these books entertaining a myriad of people. They’re just that much fun.

Bawaka's Book Fair 

Wow!! I must say that this was a totally different book that I have ever read. 
This is her second in The Reapers storyline. 
This story is about Jordon and his choosing between a God and a banished spirit. 

Watching or should I say, reading Jordon's character, definitely quenched my suspenseful thrill seeking desire. 
Never a dull moment here. I am sure my husband was tired of the soft glow of my kindle glaring into his face while he slept. 

I am glad I read The Reapers because I can now fully understand everything that was going on, more things answered and more things made me go "ooooohhhh okay."

While I don't want to spoil anything for anyone, I would just like to say that I would recommend reading both. Some say My Demonic Ghost before The Reapers, either which way, they both have a powerful effect. Think roller coaster of suspense, you don't know how you are going to feel until it happens. 

Jacinta Maree has a flair for words and smoothness. I can't wait to read more from her!!


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My Demonic Ghost - Hunters and Creators

“Let me save you…” He whispered, “Please, let me save you this time.”


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Soulless - Cell mates

Thea and Diesel within Alpha Prison. 

Diesel didn’t say anything. He just looked at me. He looked at me like I was a walking, talking dog that he couldn’t figure out what to do with. He kept the blade near my throat, but for a split second I forgot it was there. “You’re unbelievable! The others were right, you’re ... you’re just some looney with anger issues.”

“Oh! I’m just some looney, am I?” Diesel inched closer as the prick of the blade pressed into my voice box.

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How to Train your Dragon 2

The first movie of How to Train your dragon came out in 2010 had been my top favourite movie since forever. I am already a huge fan of dragons, so just mix up an odd, runt of the litter Viking with a puppy like dragon pet, and you’ll have my heart forever.

As a birthday celebration I had organised a private advanced screening at Doncaster Crown Village for my 24th birthday for the movie, How to Train your Dragon 2. From the very start, I was welcomed into Gold class and taken to my own private section of the foyer for me and my guests. I had an amazing organiser Tina, who is a fellow Australian author, help me and my friends feel comfortable and welcomed. We had wines, beers and soft drinks at our choosing, and spring rolls and chicken stripes that was so addictive that we could’ve stayed out there for hours just eating. In the movie we had battered fish, burgers and potato wedges. As I couldn’t get enough people to fill the cinema, we all had double of everything.

After chatting with everyone at the pre drinks/ snacks for half an hour and passing around my very own Toothless toy, from Build a Bear, we were led inside to our own private cinema.The movie … I just don’t have enough words to describe how it made me feel. As soon as the lights dimmed and the open sea appeared on screen, swinging us towards the familiar jagged island of Berk, I was consumed into their world. I gasped, I laughed, I cried, I held my breath and clenched my fists. I was in a rollercoaster of emotions.

Humour was intertwined throughout most of the dialogue, especially with the dynamic twins, Ruffnut and Tuffnut, gentle giant Fishlegs and egotistic jock Snotlout. I had watch the first movie enough times to pin all of their traits but what I found most impressive is that though the characters kept their very unique personalities and quirks,  the writers had changed them just enough to show the passage of time.

Suddenly there was a new presence of the ‘teenage hormone’ (even though they were twenty) and it had made way for a completely new type of drama. I had laughed and laughed and laughed with the interactions with Fishlegs and Snotlout as they tried to win Ruffnut's affection. Only to have her instead go all googly eyed over our new character, Eret the dragon trapper. She was hilarious, probably one of my favourite characters there. Her slow motion parts, oh my god, the best!

The dialogue felt fresh, it felt real, especially the scenes with Astrid and Hiccup, you can just see how advanced their relationship had become and how comfortable they were with each other. When they sat down they automatically scooted closer together, every touch and every look you could feel the connection spark between them.

But, in every great movie, even though there is humour and tingling love, there is also sacrifice and loss. I won’t reveal what happens, but I was in denial for a long time after this one particular scene. I even had to turn to my boyfriend in the seat next to me, just to get confirmation that what I think happened, really did happen. I cried, I’m not ashamed to admit it. I had tears streaking my makeup and fogging my vision for the next five minutes before I wiped them with my napkin. After the movie me and all of my friends were in a massive group discussion, shocked that that had happened.

Within the world of How to Train you Dragon there was just so much beautiful scenery of the lands around Berk that I was speechless. The colours, the landscapes, the different dragons, I had to sink further into my seat just to take it all in. You can tell a lot of work went into creating this incredible world, where colours washed the lands and flooded the skies in silvery sea of clouds. I had my breath taken away every time the scene changed and the doors were opened to a new type of discovery. I had bought the art book for the second movie, so I had thought I knew what was coming up but I was still amazed.

Now the part that hooked me from the very beginning were the dragons. I already loved Toothless with his young pup personality, but this movie showed him in so much new light that Toothless became a dragon with more depth than most characters. There was always something happening, the dragons were never stagnated or stale. They all had their own personalities, they all had their own flare and it was shown through background comedy. When Hiccup and Toothless were taken to the new island with all those new dragons, Toothless was like the new kid at school that became shy and cautious. I saw a lot of his mannerism were familiar to those of house hold pets too, like when he got spooked his back arched and his ears pointed up like a cat. When excited or happy his tongue would flop out the side of his mouth and he’ll pant, just like a dog. 


Whenever the dragons were together there was always something happening. Astrid and Hiccup could be talking about exploring more islands and Toothless and Stormfly (Astrid’s dragon) were having a game of tag in the back ground. Similar jokes like that happened through all of the movie and I don’t think I dropped that smile from my face once (well, except for the sad scene). I’ve already planned my next movie session to watch it again. I loved, loved, loved the first movie, but the second knocked it out of the park. I went in there with really high expectations and I am pleased to say they were all met.

Congratulations to the hard working team behind How to Train your Dragon, this is the best movie of 2014!