Thursday, 22 October 2015


MADISON KEEYS is a YA urban fantasy / romance that will be free to read on Wattpad. It is currently a WIP so I will be updating every week.

Just imagine a world where the wonder of Harry Potter and the scandal of Gossip Girl collided into a magic filled - high society academy for the super rich, famous and dangerously powerful. Yeah. Fun right?

And here is where I got the cover:
In a world built on modern technology and magic, where fire breathers, tricksters and acid spitters are the norm among the general population, to be gifted with the ability to heal was one of the greatest powers to be blessed with. Madison belonged to a family of esteemed Shamans, a term more commonly known as healers, where she, her father and sister lived happily in Australia. Everything was perfect at the Keeys household, except for one little detail. Madison wasn't a Shaman. In fact, she wasn't born with any powers. Believed to be among the un-gifted, Madison attempts to follow in her father's footsteps of medicine by using her brain instead of the family gifts and gets accepted into the most prestigious academy's of the world. Oxford Specialist Academy in London. Except there's one problem. Only the greatest and most powerful magic benders were ever accepted into Oxford, most coming from nobility and wealthy families. For a girl born without any powers, her acceptance not only out casts her, but makes her question everything she knew about herself.