Sunday, 26 August 2012

Life Blood - Review H.K Savage

Rating: 5/5 STARS
Plagued by self-doubt and paralyzed by indecision her entire life, Ava is lost -- until a chance encounter with a stranger brings forgotten memories of a childhood abduction flooding back. Emboldened by the need to know what happened, and to know if the stranger has been the hero she's dreamed of she follows him into a struggle she never knew existed -- nor the part she unwittingly plays.
Author: H.K Savage
Publisher: Staccato Publishing
I instantly fell in love with H.K Savage's character Ava, from her slight social awkwardness down to her stubborn strength in finding out the truth about her strange, constant dreams. Savage has written Life Blood with an interesting spin on the myth of 'fountain of youth' that it even had me sitting back and thinking 'whoa!'.

Every character has been created with such depth, stepping away from stereotypes and letting the character actually come alive that I could almost feel them sitting beneath the ink of every page. H.K Savage has woven a wonderful adventure with suspense, romance and action all packed into this one book, not letting the reader a moment to put the book down. The life of Ava is spinning out of her hands at the introduction of Ben, keeping the storyline fast paced and kept me on my toes - I strongly recommend this exciting read for all lovers of books.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A Review for a Review

Need help getting your book out there? Want an honest opinion or reach to a larger audience? How about we make a deal - A Review for a Review.

I am happy to read your book (published for non published) and give you my honest opinion, posting the review not only here on this blog but on my facebook page - twitter - and deviant art profile for the return favour. I can offer you Ebooks only unfortunately.

If this is something you are interested in, please contact me here OR email me on

Conditions apply of course: For the return review to be posted on deviant art and EITHER one if not all of these websites:

Barnes and Noble.

Please contact me for details. If you have a published book - I am happy to post my review on the above websites if applicable.
Thank you so much for your time - talk to you soon.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Strings on Hosts

Newest addition to the My Demonic Ghost - Gallery:


artwork done by: Haitorri on Deviant art

A part of the banished curse is the inability to survive on the human plane alone as the constant threat of Reapers and Hunters keep them in hiding. Banished ghosts and demonic spirits often resort to attaching themselves to other living creatures, more often than not human hosts.

Once a banished spirit has chosen you to become their host, they become like a parasite and cling to your soul, draining you like a battery. They are controlling, selfish and possessive. Usually if you have a banished leech on to you, you have one till the end of your days. 


Thursday, 16 August 2012

Hard Copy

Check out the Hard Copies of My Demonic Ghost - Just got these in the mail a few days ago and I am so excited!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Gargoyle the Hunter

Fresh from the artist's book, we have here a new protrayal of our beloved Gargoyle, the Hunter:

Introducing a new artist: Fayntcommissions.
You can find her works on deviant art here ->

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dusty Blood - Update



Link -

Demon Children, Cross Breeds and Halflings are what plague the world of Tamaraon. They are the off spring of crazed mages who are set out to destroy King Dale and over take his seven kingdoms. Inviting monsters into unborn children and unleashing the new hybrid human was the perfect plan, until everything went terribly wrong and the children proved to be too savage and uncontrollable.

An army is set out to destroy all those who bear the deformities of a demon. Young Maemi and her identical twin sister are born with defects in their eyes; staining their left eye silver and their right eye amber gold. Seperated when there was a raid on their household, Maemi sets out to find her lost sister in hopes of restoring their family. But there is something else lurking among the infected, another type of curse that will bring forward the horrors of true demon possession. The myth of the Verdammtes Tier....

Character Sketch Sheet - Lock the Banished Ghost

Introducing a new artist: ProjectGreenCat.
You can find her works on deviant art here ->

Lock is a 14 year old ghost, cursed with banishment and damnation. Being a spirit, Lock's skin is a white as paper and his hair set in deep black dye. Being a banished spirit means that Lock is demonic, allowing him access to great dark powers of the underworld and gives him an appearance of evil.

He has fierce green eyes that burn underneath his fringe, and wears a school uniform of eggwhite top, stripe green and black tie and green shorts.

Personality wise, Lock can be arrogant, rude, selfish and childish. He is possessive of what he believes belongs to him; everything else is a mere annoyance which he dismisses immediately.

Beneath the rude boy attitude that Lock puts up, he still craves the attention and acceptance of those around him, especially of his family that appeared to have out casted him before his untimely death.
There is also the problem Lock faces when he meets a 15 year old human host, called Rachael. Unknowingly, he finds himself overly attached to the girl and tries to fix his crude behaviour, wanting to become the type of man worth loving.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Lust the Deadly Sin

A wonderful artist and person from Russia, Christin Zakh, has been helping me out with creating artwork to represent My Demonic Ghost's versions of the Seven Deadly Sins.
As many of you are aware, the seven deadly sins consist of Wrath, Gluttony, Vanity, Lust, Greed, Sloth and Envy.

Her most recent addition is the lovely Lust which was created based off the book's descriptions:

Click here to go to Christin's deviant art page:

Lust: Appears to be made completely out of stone with the ability to change her face to suit the desires of the individual looking upon her.