Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Dusty Blood - Update



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Demon Children, Cross Breeds and Halflings are what plague the world of Tamaraon. They are the off spring of crazed mages who are set out to destroy King Dale and over take his seven kingdoms. Inviting monsters into unborn children and unleashing the new hybrid human was the perfect plan, until everything went terribly wrong and the children proved to be too savage and uncontrollable.

An army is set out to destroy all those who bear the deformities of a demon. Young Maemi and her identical twin sister are born with defects in their eyes; staining their left eye silver and their right eye amber gold. Seperated when there was a raid on their household, Maemi sets out to find her lost sister in hopes of restoring their family. But there is something else lurking among the infected, another type of curse that will bring forward the horrors of true demon possession. The myth of the Verdammtes Tier....

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