Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Character Sketch Sheet - Lock the Banished Ghost

Introducing a new artist: ProjectGreenCat.
You can find her works on deviant art here ->

Lock is a 14 year old ghost, cursed with banishment and damnation. Being a spirit, Lock's skin is a white as paper and his hair set in deep black dye. Being a banished spirit means that Lock is demonic, allowing him access to great dark powers of the underworld and gives him an appearance of evil.

He has fierce green eyes that burn underneath his fringe, and wears a school uniform of eggwhite top, stripe green and black tie and green shorts.

Personality wise, Lock can be arrogant, rude, selfish and childish. He is possessive of what he believes belongs to him; everything else is a mere annoyance which he dismisses immediately.

Beneath the rude boy attitude that Lock puts up, he still craves the attention and acceptance of those around him, especially of his family that appeared to have out casted him before his untimely death.
There is also the problem Lock faces when he meets a 15 year old human host, called Rachael. Unknowingly, he finds himself overly attached to the girl and tries to fix his crude behaviour, wanting to become the type of man worth loving.

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