Saturday, 23 March 2013

The shadows breath...

The sunken shadows that pressed into the ground started to get longer and more defined. Like a collection of moving silhouettes reaching across the dirt. They moved with just enough speed that I doubted myself. I was so focused on the shadows that a touch of warm breath flicked my neck and caused me to cringe. I spun around with an outstretched swing ready to strike... but there was nothing.
The dry taste in my mouth made every inhale sound stained. Shallow and quick, was I panicking? Impossible. It’s just my imagination. I’ve gotten the idea stuck in my head and now I can’t seem to look past the possibility of make believe monsters.
I rubbed my eyes and felt the tingle in my right eye start to burn. I pulled my sleeve up to wipe it clean when I saw a bulky mass shift to my left. It moved from behind one tree trunk to the other.
I power walked forward feeling ridiculous when a low groan forced me to a stop. That was not imagined. It was not a groan from a dog, or a man or a wild boar. It carried with it a distinct cracking noise, like the crack of electricity.
I glanced over my shoulder not sure what to expect.  The forest was getting darker; the hand print of night had covered almost every touch of surface and smothered out the moonlight.  Everything went quiet, unnaturally quiet that all I could hear was each breath whistle through my nose.   I strained my eyes into the depths when the beast appeared.
Something huge stepped out from the bulk of the trees just down the path from me. I couldn’t see much detail, just a slim canine head hovering a good two feet higher than my height, its eyes of silver shimmering with an unnatural glow.
It was panting heavily, its body coated in black scales that melted with the rest of the dim bush.  The panic hadn’t set in yet but I could feel the fear flooding behind my eyes.  The creature then slowly started to step forward on all fours and I could hear the heavy crunch of its padded feet press into the dirt. It lowered its head so its shoulder blades arched upwards like pointed thorns. A touch of light crossed its face and caught the white shine of fangs. Its lips were curled back, letting another series of cracking hisses through.  As it opened his jaws, a harsh smoky, silver glow seemed to be emulating from the core of its body, seeping out of its eyes and mouth like escaping smoke. It was dangerously foul, a creature that clearly did not belong to this world, let alone Whitehaven. I stepped backwards just as the beast jumped into a sprint straight towards me. It was fast. Really, really fast. I bolted as soon as it moved.

Artist: NanFe

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Update: Dusty Blood

Here we go again, back to Dusty Blood. I don't know if anyone would still be reading due to the long gap between updates, but here it is. Please note: Maemi name has changed to Evelynn. I decided to change it in the end, felt better suited. Sorry if this causes confusion, I can't be bothered going through ever post and changing it (I'm lazy).

Here we go~ the continuation of Dusty Blood.

He had grabbed her around the wrist and dropped his gaze.

“I ‘ave thought about this for a long time… and I can no’ go with you this way. Those nightmares I ‘ave are a nightly struggle, and though I may be able to wake myself before anything happens, I would never be able to forgive myself if I hurt you again.”

He then swiftly rose to a stand and kept her wrist firmly in his grasp. He took one step forward as Evelynn took one step back, confused by his words. Was he telling her he was leaving? Did he wait till they were alone so he could say his final goodbye?


“Don!” He growled under his raspy voice before reaching into his pocket and clasping a thin medal wire around her wrist. “You must wear this. Never take it off again”.

The master bracelet sang to her with familiarity as the magic work its way into her blood stream. Glancing down, she spotted the slave bracelet bearing into his skin, setting the metal into his bone. The connection between the two was intense like links of a chain.

“Sebastian… I….”

She really felt lost for words, even more so when Sebastian lifted his other hand and let it gently slide along her chin. He wasn’t smiling, but even so his eyes were softening like melting snow.

“If he kisses you again I’ll kill him.”


Friday, 15 March 2013

Craig Yelle Review

A HUGE HUGE HUGE thank you to Craig Yelle, the author and mastermind behind his upcoming release Taking Angels for this wonderful review. I am so thrilled to hear such a postive response, it really means the world to me.

You can find his work here! 

Lock, as the story unfolded became more likeable as you understood where he came from and how he ended up in his current situation. He held up his end of the story very well and balanced Rachael perfectly.

All that being said, there is simply no other way to explain My Demonic Ghost except that Jacinta Maree is a talented and gifted storyteller who continually added elements to her story that encompassed myths and legends alike. The way she wove them into the story so believably is evidence that she has a very bright future ahead of her.

Her ability to take characters that I initially despised and make me feel empathy for them is truly amazing.

I love a good story and will be waiting for the next addition to My Demonic Ghost as Jacinta Maree will surely not disappoint me.


Turning Pages - Interview

Thank you so much to Turning Pages - facebook link here- for this really exciting and creative interview. I had such a blast answering all of your questions, especially because I got to speak about my great love of Japan. ♥ ♥ ♥
  1. What is a question you’ve always wanted to be asked in an interview but never have? And what is the answer?
Currently I am writing three different stories on completely different genres. One is My Demonic Ghost, which is the paranormal story, one of them is called Dusty Blood where it exists in a high fantasy world plagued with giant Zodiac guardians, mages and other mystical creatures and the last is Mechanical Breath which is a cyborg race of humans turning themselves into machines just to survive on their planet.
My question to myself would be, if I had a choice which world would I pick to live in? Ghosts (My Demonic Ghost), Zodiac guardians (Dusty Blood) or Cyborgs (Mechanical Breath)?
My answer…. Zodiac Guardians (Dusty Blood). Why? The world of the Zodiac Guardians is filled with magic and the chance to meet dragons and fly on the backs of giant birds. Where the word impossible doesn’t exist and you can achieve anything you want once you put your mind to it. Plus, a fiery, stubborn, temperamental and rebellious young man by the name of Sebastian lives there, fighting for your affection and the freedom of the cursed.

Ghost Magnets

Rhonda M Perkins- Helton can do it all and I have evidence! Here she's made up 40 My Demonic Ghost magnets that are going to be included in the 'party bags' at the RT Convention in May. They look amazing! Love the ghost charms hanging from the bottom.

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Worth Fighting For....

Here we have Gargoyle caught in battle, he is an Angel of Justice meaning he hunts and destroys creatures and spirits of demonic essences. They use the power of light energy to attack and defend themselves.

Artist: Elsevilla

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Happy Birthday to Staccato Publishing


Staccato Publishing is 2 years old!!!
What do we do when we have a birthday? Have a party!

But instead of getting gifts, we're giving. All of Staccato Publishing's digital titles with the exception of CS Yelle's upcoming release, Taking Angels (3/26/13) are going to be $1.99 through the month of March starting on the 15th. If you've been pondering adding any to your collection, now's the time.

If you haven't already seen it check out this book trailer for My Demonic Ghost- Banished Spirits.
My Demonic Ghost- The Reapers book trailer will be coming out soon....