Saturday, 16 March 2013

Update: Dusty Blood

Here we go again, back to Dusty Blood. I don't know if anyone would still be reading due to the long gap between updates, but here it is. Please note: Maemi name has changed to Evelynn. I decided to change it in the end, felt better suited. Sorry if this causes confusion, I can't be bothered going through ever post and changing it (I'm lazy).

Here we go~ the continuation of Dusty Blood.

He had grabbed her around the wrist and dropped his gaze.

“I ‘ave thought about this for a long time… and I can no’ go with you this way. Those nightmares I ‘ave are a nightly struggle, and though I may be able to wake myself before anything happens, I would never be able to forgive myself if I hurt you again.”

He then swiftly rose to a stand and kept her wrist firmly in his grasp. He took one step forward as Evelynn took one step back, confused by his words. Was he telling her he was leaving? Did he wait till they were alone so he could say his final goodbye?


“Don!” He growled under his raspy voice before reaching into his pocket and clasping a thin medal wire around her wrist. “You must wear this. Never take it off again”.

The master bracelet sang to her with familiarity as the magic work its way into her blood stream. Glancing down, she spotted the slave bracelet bearing into his skin, setting the metal into his bone. The connection between the two was intense like links of a chain.

“Sebastian… I….”

She really felt lost for words, even more so when Sebastian lifted his other hand and let it gently slide along her chin. He wasn’t smiling, but even so his eyes were softening like melting snow.

“If he kisses you again I’ll kill him.”


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