Saturday, 2 March 2013

Creatures from El- Dragon and Cat

You may be wondering what crazy thing is Jacinta doing now, or maybe you're just drawn to this majestic creature just like I am, in any case I would love to introduce to you my newest addition to the Maree family.

Here we have a one of it's kind, custom made sculpture made to match my wants and desires.

Obviously, if you must know one thing about me then let it be this, I love cats. Secondly, I also love dragons. So, its only a natural reaction for me to combine these two creatures of fantasy and beauty into the one masterpiece.

Along with my love of mythical beasts and the common house pet I also LOVE oriental influences. Interweaved with the pattern and coat of the dragon you'll find Sakura trees, tea pots, a bird cage with butterflies escaping from it and a Japanese shrine on its back (it's not so clear in the pictures.)
This creation and other unique pieces can be found here: Creatures from El - Blog
And purchased here: Creaturse from El- Store

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