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The Reapers - Review Board

Thank you so much to everyone participating in the Staccato family line up tour: I would like to extend a personal thanks to everyone leaving reviews for the recent release of My Demonic Ghost: The Reapers.

Sinful Reviews:

My Review: 5 Stars
I received this book as an arc for a review and I loved it. I couldn’t put it down.
The main character is 16 year old Rachael. She visits her dad, whom everyone thinks is crazy, after he claims there is a evil demon spirit that has attached it’s self to him. Even Rachel thinks her father is crazy but decides to go and visit him anyways. After her father dies,Rachael finds out that everything her father told her turns out to be true.
This book was so good! It’s a horror and love story all mixed up into one and I couldn’t get enough of it. Rachael starts to fall in love with the Demonic spirit (Lock) and vice versa. There was time when I was completely horrified reading about the other demons in the story and I was rooting Rachael and Lock on the whole time. This whole book played out like a movie in my head and I couldn’t stop reading. I was a little unsure at first to tell you the truth but i was just so immersed into the story. The last of the book flips to Even aka Lock’s point of view and I wanted to cry my eyes out. I can’t wait to read more story’s by this author.
Bookend 2 Bookend: 

Last year I did an adopt an author event and came across Jacinta Maree and her book 'My Demonic Ghost' I seriously fell in love with the book! I then got to know her during the month I had her as my adoptive author! (Was so much fun by the way!) And I fell in love with her too! She's one of the sweetest, kindest people out there.  I don't often get a chance to rave about the authors I get to know, it's usually just their books. But I wanted to take a moment and let everyone know this lady is awesome! So if I ever get a chance to work with her, I take it! :) If you want to read my review on 'My Demonic Ghost' go HERE

The Reapers was no surprise a fantastic read. There's a gentle way this author puts creepy into her books. Does that make any sense? Like you know it's coming but it's like a great horror film with the build up and then BAM scares you. I'm easily scared too by the way, but I'm so weird and love to just keep going.  Jordon is our main male lead and he's written wonderfully. You are pulled in the different ways he is and you feel his pain and torture for the choices that he has to make. He is tested in ways he didn't think were possible and what he decides, decides his fate.  You don't want to pass this up and I want to continue raving but then I can't keep my mouth shut and will start spouting spoilers! All I can say is read this! Read the first book too! You won't be disappointed. She remains to be one of my favorite Young Adult writers! Thank you for taking my imagination to a different place where demons, angels, reapers, hunters and all the like are real! Fantastic! I absolutely love a book that plays like a movie in my head! I've said it millions of times, but seriously, I do!! I give this book my thumbs up!
Becca Anne's Book Reviews
This is a follow up to My Demonic Ghost but it is also a prequel too.  I loved this book.  This story filled in some of the questions I had left over from the first book.

This is Jordan Hastings story.  He was killed by a fellow classmate in a fit of jealous rage causing him to become a Reaper.  What is a reaper you ask?  Well Jordan's job with the help of his Goon is to show up when someone dies and collects their Spirit to then take to the drop off.  This is a difficult thing for Jordan to come to terms with but eventually he begins to accept this.

Jordan is a rule breaker and I love him for it.  He enters the Sin World to free a Banished Spirit in hopes of getting their help with watching over another Banished Spirit.  This other Banished Spirit is important to him and will cause Jordan to look for a way to free all the Banished Spirits.

I enjoyed meeting new Reapers and getting to know them through Jordan.  His interactions with the Reapers and the Hunters kept me on my toes.  Some of the Reapers I developed a real liking for while others I really didn't care for.  We also got some of the back story on the Hunters.  The Hunters have control over the Reapers and Jordan hopes to end that while freeing the Banished.

This book had everything I was expecting it to have.  There's love (maybe not always romantic), adventure, action, and yes I even cried. Thank you Jacinta Maree for the return trip.  I got to explore more of the Sin World in this story.  If I may say it's just as nasty and scary as my first trip there, I love it.  Thank you for keeping to what I would expect from the Sin World.  It may just be one of my favorite things about these books.  This is a great read that I will recommend to my fellow readers.  I give this story 5 STARS!!!! 

The Reapers is a story that surrounds My Demonic Ghost essentially. We learn more about the Reapers, Hunters and the Deadly Sins in this installment of the series.

Jordan Hastings human life has ended, but his trouble has just begun. He is now a reaper, a lost spirit condemned to collect the spirits of humans right at the time of their death. He struggles with this even tries to ignore it to an extent at the start. Continuing to live with his family until a shadow begins stalking them through Jordan. Raix, Jordan's new pet demon, doesn't make his afterlife any easier. The giant wolf doesn't follow orders well and has trouble adjusting to his new master. Jordan is about to get a crash course in trust and betrayal. 

As with the first book there are a lot of twists and turns and the story flows well, keeping the reader intrigued throughout. Maree delves deeper into the different realms as well as the groupings of characters, which only adds to the suspense. The tug of war Jordan has with his emotions and the expectations placed on him, coupled with possible danger to his family gave this story depth.

This is a must read for anyone that loves a good scary story that definitely has some meat on it's bones. A different take on what the spirit has to endure once the living are dead. You have to start with book 1, My Demonic Ghost, to appreciate the full impact of Mother and the realms.

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