Monday, 21 October 2013

All Hallows Eve Indies Authors - Book Chatter Cath

Thank you so much to Book Chatter Cath for welcoming me onto her blog! Check out the post for the All Hallows Eve Indies Authors - where there's a sneak peek into my current WIP

- City Of Decay

It started with a cough.

She had tried to conceal it in her hand, squeezing her lips against her palm but they had heard her. I remember snapping my eyes open at the rough wheeze and looking up. She froze where she crouched before she shuffled backwards as the footsteps started running. They were running so fast and straight towards us. She had me clutched to her chest, and I could feel her heart fluttering next to my ear.

I turned to wrap my arms around her but she pushed me off. I didn’t know what else to do. My breath quickened. She tried to shush me desperately by cupping her hand over my mouth. It was still warm from where she caught her cough.  She then proceeded to force my hands over my ears and pushed my head down so my chin was in-between my knees. I’ll never forget how her voice trembled in her fear. How every breath cracked like she was suffocating. “Don’t look at them. Please, please whatever you do don’t look at them.”

So I closed my eyes as tightly as I could.

She was so close to my head that her breath warmed my earlobe. When they reached our door the running stopped. She quickly scooted as far away from me as possible till her back hit the other side of the room. I couldn’t see anything beyond the darkness behind my eyelids. I hummed to block the sound of the door being opened. My palms firm against the side of my head, my mind frozen as I awaited the moment they took her.

She started to scream. She screamed and screamed as I tightened up.  My humming got louder, her screaming got distant. Then there was silence. I opened my eyes; our room was empty aside from a cot in the corner. It was so dark. I could barely see beyond the door. I cupped my hand to my mouth to stop myself from crying out. They took her. I slammed my eyes shut, squeezing out tears. I feel so sick. Where did they take her? There was something wet on the ground but I couldn’t see what. Was it blood? I dared not look, instead
wiping my hand across my shirt.

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