Tuesday, 11 November 2014

SOULLESS: The Rebellion

Soulless: By Jacinta Maree. Unedited. 
Warning- adult language 

All I could do was sit on my cot and tug at my hair.  The morning rose but the groggy sickness never left. Today, the guard did not come to take me to the doctor. The same for the next morning, and the next. For the next four days I was left in my cell, completely ignored. I wasn’t even allowed out to eat or shower instead they would slide my food under my door every morning and I had to use the corner as a toilet. On the fifth day I was up to the door with my fingers around the bars. Like clockwork the guards came to let a selected few of the prisoners out to wander.

“Hey! Hey, stop!” I hailed one guard down as they crossed by my door. He barely looked at me as I stretched my arm out to grab his clothes. “Please, please you have to let me out of here! I’ve been locked up for days. I can’t stand it anymore!”

“Who the hell is she?” I heard one of the guards asking the other.

“She’s that freak the doctor bought in. Just ignore her!”

“Wait, wait!” I slapped my palm against the metal door, causing it to ring. “I want to make a phone call.”

“Prisoners don’t get phone calls.”

Anger swelled up my throat. “I’m not an actual prisoner!”

He exchanged brief looks with his colleague before turning to face me. “If you’re not a prisoner then why are you locked up?”

“You should be asking that to that psycho Doctor Grey. I shouldn’t be here at all, I’ve done nothing wrong!”

“Yeah, yeah I’ve heard that before.” The guard beside him snorted in laughter.

“Listen here, dumbass, I want to speak to Doctor Grey, right now.”

The guard turned and swung his patron at the metal bars, causing them to clang. “Do you want me to string you up by your feet and feed you to the others? Because believe me, they’ve been itching to get a taste of you!” I sucked in a clot of salvia and spat onto his visor. Behind the door I could hear him wrestle for his keys when his comrade grabbed him by the shoulder.

“Oi! Not with her. You know the rules.”

“Fine, but I’ll be coming back for you tonight.” He turned back and continued to shove the other prisoners forward into a slow shuffle. “Move it!”

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