Wednesday, 15 April 2015


I'm not sure about other writers, but a lot of my inspiration and motivation for my books comes from video games. That's right, video games!

For My Demonic Ghost, I wrote the series so long ago now I can barely remember what I was doing let alone what motivated me to write it. All I know for sure, is that the idea came to me during a philosophy class.

I've just finished my re-write of Time Weaver and it nearly killed me (in a good way of course).
I'm excited for the series, and even though I'm about four days sleep deprived, I'm very eager to jump into Time Weaver 2. Now, all I have to do is think of a suitable title (argh! They are the worst).

Time Weaver was inspired by Bioshock Infinite. I love steampunk, but I haven't read any books or seen any series about steampunk to write it confidently. When I started to play Bioshock, my love rapidly changed into an obsession. I needed to do a steampunk. I want to wear those amazing clothes, live in that amazing world and fly in those amazing airships.

It's the same with Soulless, my new Dystopian NA revolving around reincarnation. The character Nadia was created thanks to the Lara Croft character from Tomb Raider (she was just so cool I couldn't help myself) while the story line moved similar to The Last of Us (minus the zombies but triple the violent crazy gangs). Another killer game with amazing graphics, plots and story telling capabilities.

Everyone wants their books turned into movies, I want my books turned into games.

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