Thursday, 11 June 2015


Just a new update - MY DEMONIC GHOST series can now be purchase directly through createspace.

My Demonic Ghost is a paranormal trilogy following the hardships of demonic spirits in their struggles to tear down Heaven.
There is corruption in the afterlife, leaving spirits at the mercy of a power hungry Royal called Miira and an army of angelic Hunters determine to keep their Queen on the throne.

Desperation has driven the demons upwards onto earth as they attach to living people's souls, draining them like batteries and turning them into Hosts. 

A young demon boy, trapped in chains to the darkness of the spirit world finds his true love in the hands of his 15 year old female host.
Against the world of demons, angels and monsters, sometimes not even the sweetest and purest loves can last. Death has never felt so eternal.

Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal with romance/suspense.

My Demonic Ghost - Book One                     My Demonic Ghost - Book Two
          Banished Spirits                                                       The Reapers 

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My Demonic Ghost - Book Three

Hunters & Creators

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