Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year & Baby Pictures

Sorry for my absence, I was swept away to the sunny land of Queensland where I spent most of my time lounging by the pool and trying to avoid sun burn. (Which I failed... horribly). 

But now I'm back, it's currently 3:09 AM in the morning and I can't seem to step away from the computer. So, while I am here wasting away precious sleeping time I may as well catch you up on some of the games that's been happening over at Bookend 2 Bookend. 

It's a competition to guess which baby photo belongs to who. 

 The 8 winners have their choice of one book from one of the eight participating authors. The first winner will get first choice, the second winner will then choose, and then the third winner will choose their prize and so on and so on until all 8 books/prizes are gone. :) Prizes are listed below.

Ebook from Tiffany King
Ebook from Belinda Boring and swag pack
Ebook from Cameo Renae
Signed paperback from Donna Milward
Ebook from Kristin R. Campbell
Ebook from Jacinta Maree
Ebook from JM Schroeder
Ebook from Amanda Heath

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