Wednesday, 2 January 2013

My Demonic Ghost 2- Taking Prisoners

 My Demonic Ghost - Book Two - The Reapers

Another brilliant master piece from the lovely and extremely talented Laverinne.

Here is a paragraph from Laverinne's interpretation of the characters from Book Two.

Laverinne: I draw betrayal is hugging the Reaper while her hand is chained, and the reaper is holding the chain like she's his prisoner. I want to make some ironic that, although she's chained and somehow she's hunted by the reaper, but they love each other,  i draw her hugging the reaper and the reaper is put her in his lap and hugging her waist with his left hand..^^. and i draw them touching each other, (that's different from Rachael and lock pure love) to show that their love is more adult..

She is absolutely fantastic, and it's obvious I don't need to tell you to check out her page because you can see for yourself how amazing she is.

My Demonic Ghost- Book Two - The Reapers will be out 2013.

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