Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Mad About Books ~ THANK YOU

OMG! What a beautiful, beautiful surprise! I am so grateful and happy to wake up to a new review. This one is from Mad About Books you can find them here: Facebook.
Mad About Books ~
5/5 Stars
Quite fancied the synopsis of this book and glad I read it. It's YA so for the younger category than I usually read but was very enjoyable.

You meet Rachael while she's travelling to Whitehaven to visit her father for the first time in years. It's not something she looks forward to doing after he started going mad a few years ago but he's dying and she can't put the visit off any longer. Things are worse than she imagined though as he looks as if he's aged a decade and is living in squalor.

Unbeknownst to her there really is another realm of demons just like her father said and he dies as a result of them shortly after she arrives. A new world is unveiled to her when the demon attaches himself to her soul just as he did her father.

With the truth that her life is on the line Rachael sets out to help the demon Lock on his quest to get to the Third Realm and avoid Hell. Along the way though they must ally themselves with other Hosts and banished spirits, avoid the Hunters and defeat the seven Sins all without even knowing if it will work.

Rachael isn't just another Host to Lock though. She's more to his own age when he died, see's him for more than just a demon and wants to help him even if it might be for her own reasons. You journey with the duo and watch them discover themselves.

Very nice YA novel that has the right amount of drama, romance and adventure.
The partnership of Lock and Rachael is very unsteady at the beginning and I did wonder how they would develop as he was very cold and callous towards her but she does persist and he really does develop to the point where I wanted to read the story from his point of view.
Their romance was bound to be doomed as he was dead, she was obviously going to age and ultimately he wanted to move on to the Third Realm but watching it develop was very sweet and sad towards the end.

No real flaws with this other than I thought it was abit too easy for Rachael as her mother just let her leave Whitehaven on her own to go to the City for days on end and didn't give her too much bother. But then the back story was that was she a trustworthy and sensible teen so that's more me seeing it as unrealistic.

Would recommend for any YA readers and up or those that fancy a change from all the highly sexed paranormal fiction and want to read some romance with a twist.

Hope there's a future story from Lock/Evan.


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