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Taking Angels Review

I am so lucky to be able to read CS Yelle's newest creation, Taking Angels.  
Britt Anderson went along with everything the doctors said for nearly four years, but she was still dying at eighteen. The cancer had won leaving her without a future, without any options, and without control. No control, except for how she would leave this world. As Britt tries to end her life by going into the frigid waters she realizes her mistake. She struggles to get back to shore, to cry out for help, but her atrophied muscles are useless and the frigid water steals the breath from her chemo-scarred lungs. Despite her father’s attempts to reach her, she flies over the waterfall.
When Allister Parks finds Britt’s fragile body on the riverbank something calls out to him. Ignoring the warnings of his sister, Allister brings Britt back from the edge of death. The only problem is that an Eternal like Allister isn’t allowed to touch those who have already passed from this world. It is forbidden; an infraction punishable by death.
As Britt relishes her new cancer-free life and senior year of high school, her very existence threatens Allister’s place in this world. Allister struggles to keep Britt a secret from the Eternal Council and out of the hands of the only Eternal who already knows the truth: the one who stole her guardian angel.

My review: 5/5 Stars

Taking Angels is a paranormal adventure where we follow the life of 18 year old Britt Anderson. From the very beginning, my breath as well as my heart was stolen by this courageous and unfortunate young woman, who should’ve been enjoying her senior year of high school but instead was suffering through the agony of cancer. The moment when her father eased her body into the water, completely unaware of her intentions, was just so heart breaking I almost felt myself tearing up and THAT was at the beginning on the book.  
As the waters cradle her body away from the shore Britt is relieved, unable to bear another moment of her suffering until memories of her family and friends suddenly make life feel not so unforgiveable. In an desperate attempt to paddle herself back to shore and cry out for help, the current proves too powerful against her fragile frame and throws her from the rocks and into the darkness down below. When she awoke from an the plunge that should have killed her, Britt instead finds herself in the company of two shadowy figures, whispering in melodic voices about disastrous consequences , but she just couldn’t understand them. If that wasn’t strange enough, her body that had been long tormented and broken down by cancer is miraculously cured. We’re talking more than just the cancer cells, every imperfection, every scar and mark on her body had completed recovered as if cancer have never touched her in the first place. Free from cancer and opening her arms up to a life she had thought she had lost, Britt plans to take every day as a gift and live to the fullest.
That’s when we’re introduced to the lovely brother and sister Allister and Angelina Parks who are the new kids at Britt’s high school. Giving off an impression of preferring solitude, they elect to remain recluse from all interaction with the rest of the school until Britt, who was already fascinated by them, matches their voices back to the fated incident at the bottom of the waterfall. She starts to question everything around her. Who are these people? Are there such things as Angels? Was it just a coincidence or do the newcomers actually have a deeper secret of their own? A secret that can explain everything that had happened to Britt’s body and how she was able to not only get up from her fall but reappear 100% renewed! Their secret exceeds our known world and plunges waist deep into the word of guardian angels. But when the gift of life is bestowed upon them there couldn’t have been a more tragic consequences and Britt learns this hard way.
I have to congratulate C.S Yelle on his incredible ability to capture the voice of not just our main characters, but also every single side character that appeared along the way. Each had their own tone and voice; each had their own characteristics, their own background and personality that really allowed the book to breath. It was multi-layered and beautifully crafted. There’s absolutely everything in this amazing book, we have action mixed with the right amount of romance and suspense. Not only that but I absolutely loved the heroine’s introduction to the story, and how she had started off seeking death only to be rewarded with the gift of life and a love that’ll make you squeal into your pillow.  
A heart felt and beautiful story to match an amazing front cover, Taking Angels is definitely on the top of my favourite books of 2013.   
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Author Bio:
C.S. Yelle was born and raised in Grand Rapids, MN, the "almost" middle child of six. He attended Grand Rapids Senior High School where he enjoyed music and sports. He received his BS in Chemistry from Mayville State University, Mayville, ND in 1987. He taught 7-12 Science and coached for six years in several North Dakota schools and currently works as an Executive Account Manager in the Water Treatment Industry where he has been for nearly seventeen years. He is the father of four and grandfather of one. He writes novels, screenplays, and an occasional short story. He has been writing seriously for over ten years and plans to continue until his fingers are unable, maybe longer. He currently resides in a Minneapolis, MN suburb with his wife Jennifer.
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    Tiffany King