Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Goons and Reapers

In celebration of My Demonic Ghost- The Reapers coming out: I have an amazing new prize for anyone to snap up.

In The Reapers: You follow the story of Jordon Hastings and his transmission from a normal, teenage boy into that of a Reaper. Every Reaper must have a Goon, a Goon is a wild, animal counterpart that lives through the Reapers shadow.

Wild with a short fuse, Jordon is paired with a Goon by the name of Raix, an alpha Wolf Goon that refuses to listen to commands or obey the rules. Jordon must not only win the favour of his fellow Reapers, but he must learn to tame the wild beast if he wants any chance of surviving the brutality of a Reaper's curse.

Now someone else can also have a Goon of their own, inviting them into the ranks with the other Reapers.

Artist: Creatures from El

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