Thursday, 5 December 2013

Klaus with the stare of golden stones

Time Weaver: The Time Collector Series Book one: Heart of Cogs. 

Klaus with the stare of golden stones - 

“It’s rude to touch other people’s zings.” The first thing she noticed was the thick German accent and how it growled with a husky purr as he spoke. Elizabeth spun around to find a man standing by her window, hands clasped behind his back and staring out towards the garden. He then cocked his head over his shoulder, bearing into her a set of deep, brown eyes. Even by the way his body curved upwards into his perfect posture had Elizabeth’s heart in a knot. Now she had wished she was back in the gorgeous clothes and not this simple dress. The lights had been dimmed so they could barely breathe inside the room.

Numb to her words she whispered. “It’s you.”

As still as stone the man merely stood there, eyes bearing into her face as Elizabeth slowly stepped up to him. He was taller than her by at least two feet, enough that his head had to tilt towards his chest to keep eye contact. One thing she noticed about his eyes is just how fierce they sparked in his concentration, much like he was looking at her and beyond into her most private thoughts. “My name is Elizabeth Blackmore. Who are you?”  

She extended her hand which he didn’t take.

"I am Klaus."  

Thank you to Aditya777 for the very fast commission and beautiful artwork. 

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