Monday, 31 March 2014




First off, I would love to comment on the incredible book cover made by Mae I design, it was the perfect cover to suit such a unique and out of this world book. We are thrown into this incredible dystopia world where the waters have completely flooded the earth, driving humanity into the sea. What could've been the moment humanity was washed free from existence actually created a completely new society and a new way of life for those who managed to survive.

We are introduced to the strong headed Pym, who is not only dedicated to her sister and family but has the itch to find out the truth about their world. She, and the rest of humanity who had grown up on the floating city of Aqua were brought up to believe they were the last remaining humans to have survived. The truth and secrets that her father tried to cover is chilling, when Pym and Rush start to find clues that nothing is as it seems.

But Pym's father isn't the only man that is holding onto a incredible secret. Rush, through his entire friendship with Pym, had considered her his best friend and secret crush. But when he hits the water something extraordinary happens that just takes your breath away.

This was such a unique idea, it was fast paced, never stopping as the twists and turns keep coming at me like relentless waves. I especially love l.L Hunter's creativity and the swarm of emotions as Pym and Rush not only figure out their fathers' deception, but attempt to de-tangle the web of love formed between each other.

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