Sunday, 13 April 2014

SupaNova 2014

Just a BIG thank you to everyone at SupaNova that came by my table and talked to me. Seriously, you made my day as it was very long and exhausting. 

Great news though, I went into supanova expecting to be carrying home more books than I walked in with, but I completely sold out on the first day there. It was all gone by like 2:00 pm (we open from 10 till 6 so I left early for a good nap). Then, today I went in with a new batch I had found around the house and they were all gone by 11 am. It's was so insane, nothing like that has ever happened to me. 

Of course, I remember exactly how it feels to not sell so many, so this experience has been a dream come true and an incredible boost to my self esteem. 

Also, thank you to Troy, Jess, Chris, Luke, Liam, Vanessa EdithJessica Lamington, Sam and so many others for coming back to my table to keep me company. You guys rock~

 And special thanks to Satalyte Publishing for being so kind to me and listening to me ramble on and on. Go Aussie Pride! 

And, of course, an extra special thank to my little sister Mel Burns and her boyfriend Jayden Kemp for helping me set up, keeping me company for the whole time, helping me with arranging my table and making sure I stayed confident in myself for the entire venture.

Next stop - Comic Con!


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    1. Omg, you're telling me! I was so surprised - I couldn't even walk straight because I was so giggly with joy!!! >_< Now I just hope that I can get into Comic Con because Supanova was an amazing experience.