Monday, 5 May 2014

Florida Award Ceremony and Holiday

HOORAY! I am back and so is sweet, sweet jet lag. Thank you body, I just LOVE being awake at 4 am in the morning.  (insert sarcasm) 

Well, not sure if you were all aware but I've been away in Florida, Orlando in the US for the past 10 days. If you follow me on twitter I'm sure you saw my multiple updates about all the stuff going on. 

 Mum and I, confusing everyone as always. 

 Firstly, I went to Orlando Florida to accept the award for Horror of the Year 2013 for my second book - My Demonic Ghost The Reapers : 

Me and my award... my precious 

The lovely Jacelynn that won Book of the Year! 

*waits for applause... only silence* Anyway, lol, it was a VERY long flight from Melbourne to LA took 14 hours, then we had a lay over of 3 hours, then another flight from LA to Salt Lake City which was another 3 hours, then another flight from Salt Lake City to Orlando which was ANOTHER 3 - 4 hours, to finally arrive in Florida to get ripped off by a taxi driver to our hotel. Yay! 
On the flight over we got to witness this amazing electrical storm from our plane window. We were just far enough away not to be scared, but close enough to see all the clashes of colours and the forks of lightning splinter through the clouds. So cool!

As I had no books left over from Supanova, I organised amazon to send my books straight to my hotel for the signing day. When I arrived at the hotel to collect the books they weren't there. Mind you, at this point of time I was two seconds away from freaking out. We managed to track the parcel online but the courier said the address was incomplete (amazon didn't write it properly or I dunno), and they had sent all my books BACK to Amazon. As the signing was the next day, I couldn't do anything to get them or to get more books so I went in empty handed. I was very lucky I had brought 6 books from home, so I had them at least. 

Me and my six books of awesome.

Amazon did apologise and send the books back to my home in Australia, free of charge, so I forgave them. I met so many wonderful people at the awards ceremony/ book signing. It was really awesome to sit and chat to fellow authors and learn more about the American lifestyle. I will just say this... WOW the food servings are HUGE! Mum and I had to share everything, we couldn't finish a meal between us. 

Oh, and I HATE automatic toilets. I'll tell you when I'm done!

Some of the awesome peeps at the award ceremony

This is my mother - Jacqui. 

I won't bore you with ALL my details, but I did get to go to Universal Studies and it BLEW MY MIND. The Harry Potter section, just... omg, I just want to live there! The lines weren't too bad and the weather wasn't too hot, so I didn't get sunburnt or dehydrated for once. (I have what they call corpse skin colour.) 

Me and my buddy, just causally. 

I did a lot of shopping and bought a lot of shoes (ops) and A LOT of MAC make up, because in the land down under (Aus) EVERYTHING is like double the price. God damn shipping charges! 
I did end up watching Divergent at the movies (meh) and I had a total embarrassing fangirl moment when I noticed they had put up a How to train your dragon LIFE SIZE cut out of Toothless and Hiccup. I took so many selfies - I'm kind of ashamed of myself. 

Nope not ashamed anymore!

Toothless and I are soulmates! 

Now I am home again, I have my beloved pets surrounding me and I'm sipping down tea, just waiting for the work day to begin. 

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