Monday, 26 May 2014

Soulless - 115 pages

Feeling pretty good - Soulless is sitting at 115 pages now! Whoo! Nothing like some violence and foul language to keep the story moving. 

“Not just the contacts.” He snorted as though I had made a joke but the hard gaze of his eyes said this conversation was anything but funny. “You really think I’m ever going to stop chasing you?”

The light caused shadows to curve along his sharp cheek bones, his nose stuck out a little crooked and his jaw line was tight with tension. I had never seen him in such harsh light before. I had only seen him in the low lighting of the prison, where mostly darkness lit the halls. Mud had caught in the fine whiskers along his jaw and saturated the hem of his pant legs.

“No” I heard my voice whisper as it scratched at the back of my throat. “But you should have.”   

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