Tuesday, 6 May 2014


First off I would just like to thank everyone for helping me spread the word about the My Demonic Ghost series. This book first came to me while I was sitting in philosophy class, listening to the teaches of Descartes and his theory of deception.

From that class, I was introduced to Lock and the world of corruption and spirits. As many of you know, I started this give away as a thanks to all my supporters and friends, seriously, without you I wouldn't be where I am today.
Even when I am in my doubts, where I am too harsh on myself I look out towards you guys and cherish in the love and support you all so selflessly give out.

This give away was also to celebrate a massive milestone for me, not only did The Reapers win Horror of the Year, but My Demonic Ghost Banished Spirits was a best seller in Ghosts and Horror. I am still, to this moment, stunned and shocked to have reached that level. So again, thank you!

I had put all of your names into a random list organiser so this competition was as fair as it could possible be.

Please see picture.

Even if you didn't win this - don't fret, I will always have some sort of give away happening for you to participate in.   

Much love, Jacinta Maree

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