Thursday, 14 August 2014

Games I cannot wait for

Here's a list of games I'm really excited about. Some are exclusive to only xbox which really sucks, as I only have a PS4 but luckily I can use my boyfriend's xbox one when I get to visit him. (We live in different states) Any games that require paid membership to play I will avoid OR get it on the PC. I'm already paying to BUY the game then why should I pay again to play it?

No thank you!

In no particular order: 


  Omg .... no words needed. 

Dragon Age Inquisition: 

A role playing fantasy game: I played Dragon Age 2 so much i could almost recite the script line by line. Bioware keeps delaying the release date so I really, really hope it's worth the wait. I have seen the spoilers and I follow them on facebook and twitter, so I KNOW it's worth the wait.  (Let's face it, Bioware hasn't steered me wrong yet).

Dying Light: 

Shooter zombie game; need I say more? I love the hook to this game, this whole 'zombies become more aggressive at night' element has given me a reason to fear the dark.

Silent Hill: 

Silent Hill is one twisted game, I was introduced to the franchise thanks to the movie but the game looks absolutely terrifying. It's disturbing and filled with bloodied gore, but at the risk of losing countless hours of sleep I'm still going to play it. 


Hellblade is from the same creators as Heavenly Sword, which I loved, so I'm going to buy this game going in blind. I haven't seen much else except for this trailer but that was enough to win me over. I wouldn't mind researching it a bit more just to get the back story.  

Assassin's Creed: Unity: 

I only have the first Assassin Creed and the Black Flag Assassin Creed games, but Unity looks unique in it's multi-player options. Without forcing us to sign up for membership (I'm talking about PC here) it's nice to play a game with story that you can have friends join in too. Multi players usually grind down to just shooters, which can be fun at the beginning but gets really old really fast or an open world which isn't personal enough to keep me interested. 

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 

I played the latest Tomb Raider game and finished it within days. It has everything I want and I love female main characters, so that's just an extra BIG TICK from me. Will not hesitate buying this game fresh from the box. 

Quantum Break:

I just found out about this game recently and I'm already frothing at the mouth with excitement. It does remind me a lot of Infamous, how the main character has powers that the main population doesn't but I love having the advantage over the NPC so I'm not fussy. I don't know much about it mainly because I don't want to spoil the game by researching it so much that there's no excitement with the game play. If only it came in PS4. 

Uncharted 4: 

I will be honest, I haven't played any of the uncharted games so far so you may be asking why I'm jumping in at number 4. Because I can, that's why. It looks really good and I'm one of those suckers that falls in love with a game because of its pretty graphics/ attention to detail. *shrugs*. 

Guilty Pleasure: SIMS 4: 

Such a guilty pleasure of mine, I don't even know why I want it considering I have Sims 1, Sims 2 (plus multiple expansion packs) Sims 3 (also plus multiple expansion packs) and i haven't played any of them in ages. Maybe I just end up ruining the game for myself by finding all those cheat codes and achieving all the goals way too easily, but whatever. No one likes having to force their sim to study when they want to play, or having them go to school and pee their pants because you didn't have time to go to the bathroom between eating/ sleeping. 

The Order 1886:

Ahh... this just looks like a really thrilling game. It's Victorian style which I love mixed with classic monsters and firearms. Again, don't know much about the back story but I can kind of imagine it being generic 'monsters are killing innocences' type of drive. 

Borderlands the Pre Sequel: 

YEAH! BORDERLANDS! It's funny, it's whacky, it's fun and addictive. And now it has TWO female players, I have all the Borderland games so far plus their add ons so this is a must. I secretly love Handsome Jack, he is HILARIOUS! Can't wait to find out more. PLUS you get a play as claptrap! LOL! 

Until Dawn:

This one is a weird one. It looks like a movie which is why it caught my attention in the first place. Classic teens stuck in an isolated cabin in the mountains with a killer, sign me up please. From what I gathered watching the trailer you, as the player, has a lot of control over who lives and dies. That's pretty cool. I love playing games that have alternative stories, to me I feel like I'm getting my money's worth.

The Division:

Another cool looking shooter - I'm not 100% sure what is going on but I don't really care. It has what I like, it looks dystopian and the graphics look amazing and incredibly realistic. Just watching the trailer I could feel my heart hammering in chest like some spooked bird. I could've sworn I saw some supernatural elements in there, but I'll need to properly look into it before I get my hopes up too much.


Ultra mega scifi adventure. Destiny looks like a massive game with a large open area to play on. Humans and aliens clashing in a battle of dominance, who wouldn't want to be apart of that action? I feel this games has had lots of media attention so i don't need to say much.

If you think i missed any obvious choices or think I'll like your suggestions then please leave a comment.