Monday, 11 August 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

I am Groot! 

By far, my favourite character and my favourite scene is Groot dancing in a pot plant. So adorable!
 I've watched Guardians of the Galaxy twice now and it is amazing. It's comical, it's exciting, there's so much happening that the movie feels like it's not long enough. I also LOVED the ties it had with the Avengers, every single character was likeable and the overall story telling was beautifully crafted. 

Marvel just keeps on getting better and better. First, I thought Avengers was the top, then Iron Man 3 and now Guardians of the Galaxy. The characters find each other in the most bizarre way. We have Rocket the intelligent marksman, who is also an experimented raccoon. Groot this incredible massive tree giant that is capable of simplistic speech, but has a switch that changes him from a child like curiosity to supercharged bulldozers with extendible limbs. They are bounty hunters, who catch onto the scent of Star-Lord as he tried to complete a deal with an high end bidder. 

Gamora, the adopted daughter of Thanos comes into the picture in her attempt at stealing the orb from Star-Lord only to be interrupted by our bounty hunter duo. 

Drax that destroyer is introduced in the prisoner cells where he explains how he seeks revenge from losing his wife and child to the evil of Thanos. The unlikely team band together, some for money and others for revenge, to take down Thanos and to stop the destruction of the entire galaxy. 
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