Thursday, 18 October 2012

Dusty Blood - Sebastian

Angry. Dangerous. Wild. Damaged. Tormented. Scarred.

Sebastian was kidnapped by Count Vladimir when he was just a small boy; his only remaining relative hiding after the Count framed him for Sebastian's parent’s murder.

Promised education and wealth Sebastian was quick to be discarded and turned into the Count's personal slave, where he is forced to wear a blindfold to hide his daunting stare from scaring the Count's noble guests. With a bitter upbringing Sebastian has a hard time trusting people, and a deep fear of the Count due to childhood trauma.

But... Count Vladimir is hiding him for a very good reason, as there is something living within Sebastian's very soul that can destroy a whole village in moments. Now free Sebastian is desperate to retrieve his stolen power and swears to hunt down every man who has dared to repress him.

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