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Love reviewing and in need of a Kindle Fire, check out this amazing contest run by Young Adult and Teen Readers 
The line up of Authors and titles up for review is incredible. Post Enter to join the fun! ♥♥♥ See below!!!

Click on the Facebook Link to Enter~

Contest Rules:
You must read the book that is on the list from each Author.
Each participant has to show proof of verified purchase and review from each Author. (you may not ask the Author for a free book)
I want you to get a log for all your entries. After you have completed every Author. You may only submit one composed email to me at, with all your entries in the email
l. You have to put in the subject line: Author Contest.

You will have until Jan 14, 2013 to complete this task. After that, we will have a drawing for a winners.

1st prize- A kindle fire
2nd prize- $100 GC
3rd prize- 50 GC

Because of the impact of this contest, I have something for each one who participates and does not win! So this is what you call a "Win Win"

*If you are interested I need names! Comment below only using the word "Enter". Please note this contest will not be for everyone. I need serious people only. *

Good luck to everyone and enjoy your reading!!!

Now here is the special part. I understand buying books can be expensive. So if there is anyone out there that might not be able to purchase of them. You can connect me via email only, and maybe we can working something out :)

♥ Derinda

R.k Ryals - Redemption

Lisa Morgan - Phoenix Rising

Nancy Straight - Destiny

Stacey Rourke- The Conduit

H.K Savage - Empath

KaSonndra Leigh - The Lost Immortals: When Copper Suns Fall

Karen Swart - Kasadya Hellhound Awakened

Cameo Renae - In My Dreams

Katherine Polillo - Destine

Jessica Sorensen - Ember or Secret of Ella and Micha (Older Audience)

Katherine Rochholz - A Nightmare Within A Dream (Katy Lily Series)

Stephanie Constante - Baptism of Fire (Draconi Series)

Janiera Eldridge - Soul Sisters

Amy Bartol- Inescapable (The Premonition Series)

Nichole Chase - Mortal Obligation

Addison Moore - Ephemeral (The Countenance)

Lindsay Paige - Sweetness

Devyn Dawson - The Light Tamer

Michele Hurley - Immortal Guardians: The Lost (Volume 1)

Sarah M Ross - Awaken

Melissa Andrea - Flutter Coming out 10/30

Jacinta Maree - My Demonic Ghost

Kristin R. Campbell - Lunangelique

Airicka Phoenix - Touching Smoke

Cambria Hebert - Masquerade (Heven and Hell)

Jenny Phillips - Twisted

Shandy L. Kurth - Devastation: Built on Fear #1

Elizabeth Kirke - Semester Aboard (It's More than Magic #1)

Donna Milward - Thoeba

Lizzy Ford - Dark Summer (Witchling Trilogy #1)

Tim Flannagan - Moon Stealers and the Quest for the Silver Bough

Miranda Wheeler - Something of a Kind

Alicia Michaels - Daughter of the Red Dawn

William J Benning - First Admiral

Paul Griffiths - Stream Liner of the Lost Souls

Brian D Andersen - The Godling Chronicles: The Sword of Truth

Bonnie Wheeler - Fate Fixed

Alexia Purdy- The Faery Hunt

Amy- Forbidden

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