Monday, 15 October 2012

The Wild Creator & Dancing with Fire

THE WILD CREATOR : My Demonic Ghost
I am drafting the appearance of Creators, as I wasn't happy with my original idea. So please bear with me, I'm getting a lot of different versions created.

More powerful than any Royal Spirit, a Creator is a pure essence made up of uncontrolled emotion and instinct. They are dangerous as they are unpredictable, powerful and have wild emotions. Though, they are known to be gentle spirits, it isn't uncommon for a Creator to dramatically change to violence and back to peaceful again.

They are the ultimate weapon, usually seen in the form of little creatures like baby birds, tiny snakes and mice but to have a Creator as a pet is the highest honour any spirit can carry.

When in human form they are always accompanied by small creatures like snakes, rabbits, mice or birds. They are not good nor evil, just spirits.
Farren claims to be a poor gypsy boy from the southlands of Derrimut and from a large family of 12. With his good looks and easy charm, Farren had no difficulties taking goods from women of all classes and also swindle the noble men.
There are secrets to Farren's life that are so dangerous that he keeps himself on the run. Like most rogues, his cunning nature, quick steps and even quicker tongue has been his key features to survive out on his own. That is, until of course young Farren runs into the infamous Sebastian and his accompanying orphan Maemi/Evelynn.

The longer he stays with them the higher chance of his darkest secrets being exposed out into the open, so why can't he just turn and leave like he leaves everyone else?

Artist: Zefair from deviant Art 

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