Wednesday, 14 November 2012

A very Special Thanks to Rhonda M Perkins

Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that people like Rhonda exists! I had just met her on facebook not too ago but she has been so supportive and increible generous that it feels like she's been my friend for years.
I just wanted to make a special mention to everyone about her, and show off some of her AMAZING and unique book thongs that she created for all authors, publishers and readers to enjoy.
Here is her facebook page -!/rhonda.m.helton please check out her photo album just so you can understand the amazing stuff she does in her spare time.
Here is a pic she had done for My Demonic Ghost:
AND she made a few more out of the kindness of her heart here:
Here are some examples of what she's done for others:
(Right now she has a 'buy two and get one free' deal going on, where the book thongs are only $15.00 each. I strong reccomend you check her out!! <3)

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