Thursday, 29 November 2012


WINNER: Mechancial Breath
Words: 50090
Pages: 106 
With a failing heart and a broken family, Chloe feels like she is fighting a losing battle. Medical bills her father can not pay and a heart condition that ties her to a hospital bed pushes Chloe over the edge. Unable to withstand another moment, Chloe runs far from her beaten home and gets caught in an electrical storm that strikes her down and drags her into darkness.
When she finally awakes its at the hands of a mysterious stranger. A boy with machines for body parts and a robotic voice. Within a dying, polluted world, Chloe finds her self a medical miracle to those of a different dimension, of a human race far superior to her own; trying to survive on a dead planet.
Replacing human organs for mechanical counterparts, at what stage does a human stop being a human and becomes a machine?