Sunday, 2 December 2012

IRL SHOOTER: Patient 0

IRL SHOOTER: Patient 0 
Last Saturday night the 1st of December myself and five other friends travelled out to Broadmeadows to try out the IRL Shooter.
What is IRL Shooter? Well, in my experience it is a live action zombie shooter game where you and your team must run through a maze shooting zombies, completing objectives and collecting vials.
It. Was. Insane.
I had so much fun, I was nominated to be the Communicator which means I have to communicate through a walkie talkie to my squad what the organisers were instructing. You have no idea how difficult it is to listen to a static voice from a walkie talkie when you have screaming zombies running at you from every angle.
The zombies are hired actors and they WILL run at you and scream. If they get within 3 meters your health meter starts going down. It's like laser tag, where you wear vests that have senses on them and the actors must have senses on them too so they know when they have been shot.
Again, being Communicator meant I got yelled out a lot when I didn't understand the message and it also meant I had to keep putting the 3 kg gun down to talk into the walkie talkie. My arms were killing me by the end of the hour long session.
The women there were the scariest. They would yell, swear and insult you verbally. All in good fun of course, but I was too scared to ask questions in case I got a tongue lashing.
But it was so much fun, it was something I have never done before in my life and it was scary. I'll admit, I screamed A LOT. There were parts of the mission where you have to run down a corridor and you have a swarm of zombies running after you, did I mention it was really dark too so all you can hear are the zombie's screaming. We had a video camera strapped to our helmets that filmed the entire experience but my helmet was too big so it kept going lopsided causing all my footage to be on an angle. The whole experience was meant to make you feel like an zombie apocalypse has occurred and it was up to you to take down the evil doctor that caused the mutation.
The actual building was a warehouse where they had set up key activated doors to get through each room. The decoration was disturbing. There were dead bodies everywhere, and I'm talking about bodies where they had been half eaten, tortured, limbs pulled off and stabbed with needles and other weapons and blood smear scattered all over the walls, doors and windows. I had to describe the scene to 'headquarters' and a lot of the times I was just squealing because zombies kept jumping out at me. By the end of the whole thing I was sweating through my clothes. 
Would I do it again? Within a heartbeat.  


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