Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Rise of the Guardians

I just watched Rise of the Guardians and I loved EVERY second of it.
I think the thing that impressed me most of their originality when dealing with the traditional Holiday Spirits.
There was Santa Claus or St. Nick North where he had tattoos of Naughty and Nice on either arm, he was a tough, big guy that was very jolly and as well as strong and quick to kick butt. I found the elves and yetis surprisingly the funniest characters there. The humour was very playful and caught me off guard. I didn't expect it to be so.... well... funny. Sorry for lack of description.
There was the Easter Bunny, or as they called them E.Aster Bunnymund in the novel where he took on a more Australian approach with thick Australian Accent (voice actor Hugh Jackman) and carried with him boomerangs as weapons.
He had lots of funny moments when bantering with our main character Jack Frost, obviously Bunny was still sour from when Frost caused a blizzard on Easter Sunday and covered all of the Easter eggs under thick snow.
There was the tooth fairy, who looks more like a forest nymph than a human which I quite liked. She had an army of tiny fairy followers that would collect the teeth around the world for exchange of money. The reason why they collected teeth is to harbour the child's memory. I thought that was a nice idea, as I never understood why the tooth fairy would care to collect teeth.
There was the Sandman as well, he played a very powerful part and was surprisingly one of the strongest characters there. The Sandman gave the children dreams by using golden sand.

And lastly we have Jack Frost... ah, sweet young Jack Frost.
There was just something about him that pulled at my heart strings. Poor Jack Frost has spent the last 300 + years creating blizzards and snow days, hoping to impress the children and make them believe in him. During most of the movie none of the children believed in Jack Frost leaving him invisible and ignored. He would continue on his days riding the wind and causing mischief.
Jack Frost also reminds me a lot of the character Lock from My Demonic Ghost, in his desperation to belong and have someone need and acknowledge him. I kept waiting for Frost's white hair to darken to black, his eyes to switch to acid green and for him to start terrorising Hosts.

The character Pitch Black or commonly known as the Bogeyman had an understandable motive, one that Frost related to. He wanted to be believed in again. His master plan was to change the children's dreams into nightmares, interfering with the holidays spirits jobs so children will slowly stop believing and their powers will deplete.
All in all, I LOVED this movie. 5/5 Stars and I want to watch it again and again.
There is also a book out, one which is the original called Guardians of Childhood (i think) and the other which from the movie. I'll be very interested in reading it to get more back story.


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