Sunday, 9 December 2012

White Feathers Creator

As innocent as children, as gentle as birds, as wild as animals and as power as primal instinct... that is what the Creators are made of.

Creators are pure, raw spiritual energy able to destroy Reapers, Banished, Hunters and Royals with a simple wave of their hand. Only thing is, Creators lack ambition so they do not fight for power, wealth, luxury or status, they are peace keepers as long as nothing threatens them. When threaten, Creators do not understand right from wrong so they will attack men, women and children with out hesitation. They are driven through emotions only and lack empathy.

I would love to thank the ever so talented Las-T for this amazing piece of the Creator spirit. I really like the soft colours weaved into the design, it's has a mystical and wild sense with a touch of elegance and innocence.
As many of you know I am experimenting on the final appearance of Creators, so there are different versions of them scattered about. If you have a moment, I strongly recommend you check out Las-t's Gallery!!!

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