Sunday, 9 December 2012

Mechanical Breath- The Twins

Twin brothers Eli and Aiden(in the red hoodie).

Eli the Cyborg.

Eli has his right eye upgraded for an artifical eye, his right arm and right leg are all replaced with metal. Eli is serious, quiet and fascinated with all things strange and foreign. So when a girl from planet earth lands on their planet, Eli grows an unhealthy obsession with the 'alien'.

Aiden the Cyborg.

Aiden is less pleased with the idea of an alien as a new addition to their family. Unlike his identical brother, Aiden is more of a social butterfly and enjoys rebelling against authority with his long term girlfriend Eelena. Aiden is slightly older than Eli and enjoys physical activities where he can test out his new body upgrades. His torso, ears, both arms and legs are replaced with metal.

Thank you so much to the wonderful and talented Creepy9 for this mindblowing artwork on the Twins Aiden and Eli. Please check out Creepy9's gallery if you have a moment to spare, it truly is amazing!!!


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