Sunday, 16 December 2012

Chaos the Hunter....

 Hunters-  Angels of Justice.
Red hair, olive skin and angelic faces, Chaos is a tainted Hunter meaning that he does not have a full Hunters Title. To degrade and humiliate him, the other Hunters have given Chaos a Banished Spirit's name.
Chaos is 15 years old and has mixed coloured eyes.  He looks stunning, innocent and approachable, the next door neighbour boy who you’ll pour your love into material things in hopes he’ll finally acknowledges you.


A huge thank you to the lovely Erina, I love this picture of Chaos and the way that the leaves seem to cross over the image is so poetic and graceful. Erina is brilliant and a fantastic artist. If you have a moment you should head over to Erina's page and just look at all of her AMAZING artworks.
Artist:  Erina

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