Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Jean Book Nerd


To celebrate, I had the honour of being featured on Jean's blog site called: Jean Book Nerd. 
Jean is an amazingly sweet woman who dedicates her time and energy in finding great reads for her adoring followers. I was very lucky to have a feature with her, where not only did Jean set up a series of very unusual but exciting interview questions for me to answer, but there's also a giveaway for 5 ebook copies AND a very, very nice review of the Book ~ My Demonic Ghost Banished Spirits. 

Click here to purchase from Amazon as My Demonic Ghost Reapers is coming out in 2013. 

Check it out here:   JEAN BOOK NERD


In your new book, The Demonic Ghost; can you tell my Book Nerd community a little about the novel?

Gladly, My Demonic Ghost is a story about two young people thrown into a world of demons, spirits and monsters. One, a young girl by the name of Rachael and the other is a 14 year old banished spirit boy who calls himself Lock. Through the book we explore the world through the eyes of a demon spirit as he tries to seek refuge from being trapped in Hell. These are desperate spirits tainted with evil, but as Rachael figures out during their adventure, these bad spirits are not what they appear to be.

Not all demons are bad and not all angels are good. The afterlife is not what Rachael or anyone was expecting it to be. Taking on the notorious Seven Deadly Sins, this book is not for the easily scared as we climb into the lives of the dammed.

What was one of the most surprising things you learned in creating Rachel?

Rachael’s bravery is what surprised me most. She is only 15 years old when Lock takes her soul for himself but even though she is chained to a demon she doesn’t hide under the covers in fear. If anything, she twists the tables on the snarky demon boy so he ends up treating her as an equal and not a battery source. Rachael is inspiring with her ability to see past the surface and understand the spirits and demons that surround her. She starts to love them despite everything that has happened to her, and in return these demons start to love her back. 


Author Jacinta has taken demonic possessions into a whole new level. This darkly captivating story will have readers on the edge of their seats. The imagery presented within the pages is creatively vivid as readers find themselves in the midst of this amazing world beside Rachael and Lock. The political outline of the order of the realms with the Royals that consists of diverse levels of spirits and the Hunters is truly astonishing. Readers will appreciate how Jacinta incorporated this unique idea into her remarkable story. The characters are not watered down as Jacinta’s writing style allows them to shine with complexity and practicality even with demons and spirits. Although the story is complex, the details set forth by Jacinta provided clear details with rich history that readers will thoroughly enjoys its fascinating story. My Demonic Ghost is one of those books that truly do not offer anything recycled. Consisting of vibrant characters and a rock-solid plot, it will not disappoint.

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