Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hard Copy Book Cover Reveal

Tell me what you think of the brand new cover of My Demonic Ghost -  Banished Spirits.
This version is for Hard Copies only, I'm keeping the original for Ebooks to lessen any confusion.
The wonderful and talented Tishia from Para Graphic had completed this for me - she worked amazingly fast and her prices are really, really fantastic.
Here's her website if you wish to get an awesome covering of your own: ParaGraphic Designs
She also does bookmarks, necklaces (see below) banners and so much more.
Her Facebook is Here: Facebook

This is just an example of the necklace that she has to offer:


  1. WOW, Jacinta, this looks brilliant!!!

    1. Thankies, ha ha ha! It was by the same lovely lady that did your cover, my gosh she's talented and soooo affordable. I've spoken to quite a few and all book cover designers were asking 200+. I was like.... awww but I have no money. >.> Thank goodness for her. <3 <3 <3 Plus when i saw yours I loved it so, so, so much I just had to get her to do one for me as well.

  2. Replies
    1. dshajkhak!! I know!!! Ha ha ha, I felt the same way, I was just like. 'WHOA! SEXY DEMON BOY!'. I'm glad you like it especially, cause I know you also liked the other cover. Hopefully if you win the contest you can have both covers to drool over... ^_^