Thursday, 13 December 2012

Inside the Mind of Lock- Bookend 2 Bookend

Lock: "My story is not a nice story. Nothing about Demons and Banished is pleasant. But if you can handle it, why not listen to the demon for once? It may just surprise you what we have to say.”

I had been holding my breath for this very moment,
the moment when my new friend and adopter Jessica Johnson from Bookend 2 Bookend tells me exactly and honesty how she feels about My Demonic Ghost. I admire and respect her opinion a lot and I am overwhelmed with joy by her constant support and encouragement to be braver and stronger as a writer. There is also a charcter Interview with the infamous ghost boy Lock as Jess creeps into his mind and asks all the questions readers have been dying to find out. Check out the link below to see what she has to say.....
There are also two ebook copies of MY DEMONIC GHOST for free when you enter the rafflecopter on Bookend 2 Bookend blogsite.


BookEnd 2 BookEnd: Is it difficult having to live life attached to a host?

Lock: “It’s difficult for the Host, but that’s not my problem or my concern. If they obey and do as I say life will be easier for them. If they don’t… well, that’s not even an option. You see these?”

*A spark of silver glint flickers up as chains made of smoke appear surrounding the demonic spirit. Lock’s cradles them in his grip and dangles them playfully.*

“I can control my host; make them do things that I want. Says things I want them to say, guess you can argue that I’m their master. It is easy! It is fun!”

BookEnd 2 BookEnd: Do you think it's difficult for Rachael to be a host?
Lock: *His brows furrowed a little closer together, the mention of Rachael enough to make him feel on edge.*

“I… guess it’s difficult for her… She doesn’t complain like the other Hosts. But I can see it; I can see the change in her and I know it’s because of me. She looks sick sometimes and she gets more and more pale every day she spends with me. I don’t want her to suffer…. But … I also don’t want to leave. Why should I have to leave? I’m not doing anything wrong!”

*A little frustrated Lock lets out a heavy sigh, touches his toes back to the ground and shoves his hands inside his pockets. He keeps his head turned, lips tightened and his eyes darted to the left*

“I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

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