Thursday, 29 November 2012

Mechanical Breath - Jakob the Cyborg

This is my NaNoWriMo project called Mechanical Breath.

Jakob the Cyborg.

A teenage boy living on the planet of Promelues, an alter dimension to earth where the planet is dead and technology has advanced beyond our understanding. To survive on their decaying home, the human race have to exchange their human organs for mechanical counterparts.

Jakob has his right eye upgraded for an artifical eye, his right arm and right leg are all replaced with metal. Jakob is serious, quiet and fascinated with all things strange and foreign. So when a girl from planet earth lands on their planet, Jakob grows an unhealthy obsession with the 'alien'.

Sneak Peak:
“Yeah, she’s unique and we think that is why the Council are out to get her.”

“Why would they want her though?” Hyde crouched down next to him as Jakob stopped clawing through the pieces to consider his answer.

“Because she’s perfect.” He couldn’t help but shake his head in laughter. “She’s the perfect human being; her body is unscratched by pollution unlike ours. She has her original organs and voice and eyes. Except for her heart, but even so her heart wasn’t damage like ours is damaged. She can very well be the cure to our Magnate crisis.”

“I thought you said you found her on in the pits. How is it possible that her body survived in perfect condition for so long? Even hiding a city beneath the surface can’t protect us from the disease and death from above.” Hyde slumped into the wall, running his hands along his mouth. “Do you really think that she’s the answer? But then why would the Council want to kill her?”

“It’s our guess they’ll want to dissect her. I can’t let them… they won’t see a human being they’ll just see a test subject.”

Thank you so much to the wonderful and talented Genki-de for her amazing work on Jakob. Please check out her gallery if you have a moment to spare, it truly is breath taking.


To all new readers to Mechanical Breath:
With a failing heart and a broken family, Chloe feels like she is fighting a losing battle. Medical bills her father can not pay and a heart condition that ties her to a hospital bed pushes Chloe over the edge. Unable to withstand another moment, Chloe runs far from her beaten home and gets caught in an electrical storm that strikes her down and drags her into darkness.
When she finally awakes its at the hands of a mysterious stranger. A boy with machines for body parts and a robotic voice. Within a dying, polluted world, Chloe finds her self a medical miracle to those of a different dimension, of a human race far superior to her own; trying to survive on a dead planet.
Replacing human organs for mechanical counterparts, at what stage does a human stop being a human and becomes a machine?


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    1. Thank you Love! <3 I've had this sitting in my head for a while, can't say how relieved I am to finall have it written out! *hugs forever and ever*.