Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Beautiful Monsters

Creators are capable of creating life, warmth, darkness and natural instincts out of nothing.
Disguised as small animals and children, Creators do not take interest in the life that they have created, electing to spend their eternal days in the spirit world.
Due to their high sensitivity, spending too much time on the human plane would be disastrous.
There is usually a lot of confusion between Creators and Royals.
Creators create life and existence where as Royals rule over other spirits.
Creators are the ultimate existence.
These spirits are spirits of instinct and emotion, leaving them extremely irrational and quick tempered.
They lack ambition but have great sense of empathy, able to copy the feelings from any other being that surround them .  
These are the spirits that create Gods.

Artist: JenniferHealy

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