Friday, 8 February 2013

My Beloved Lock...

It's amazing when you come across the perfect picture by accident, and as soon as you see it you know it's the missing piece you've been looking for. Well, I happened to stumble across a very talented artist who has the exact same face and expression that I had imagined for 14 year old Banished spirit Lock.
Within this picture I see a boy who is scared, damaged and filled with hidden insecurities that can become a knot of frustration and anger. His hand to his mouth is his hesitation in accepting others, he tilts chin away as if he doesn't want you to look at him. But in his eyes are wide open and hunting for that special someone to dare to step forward. He is looking for someone who can see beyond the scarring of growing up with hardships and bring forward a life of forgiveness, strength and acceptance.
Trapped in chains of jealously and hate, Lock can't see beyond the mask of a tainted spirit and so he becomes a tainted spirit.
He fights against the very thing that could save him ... love 

I do not own rights to this image - this image belongs to the artist and model Dallas Harder