Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Raven Reviews:

A HUGE thank you for Raven Reviews for taking the time to read and write a review for me. I really, really appreciate your honesty.
Filled with a world of demon possession and the banishment of souls, My Demonic Ghost is a fresh take on the afterlife. Although we only see a sliver of that cleverly created world, religion is sidestepped for the most part. There is a Creator and a hierarchy of souls and spirits, but since our view is limited to the story at hand, religion is not emphasized nor contradicted. Personally, being religious myself, I really liked this. And can I just say I love that the most powerful spirit in this mythology is a woman? I do! Considering the plot, it seems a little ironic to me that her name is Miira. The seemingly related name Mira comes from the Albanian word “mirë” meaning “good”. It’s not clear to me whether that was intentional or not, but regardless I sure got a kick out of it. 
Having a main character as a demon seems riskier to me than say a werewolf or elf. Some audiences may be put off by this. However, this is not our average ghost story. It is modern and presented right off the bat as something that could happen to anyone. There’s this real sense of universal plausibility that is so compelling that it drives the main character forward. This feeling is what identified me with the characters and the story. 

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