Friday, 22 February 2013

Bex 'N' Books - Review

Mastermind behind the successful Bex 'N' Books blog - Becky Johnson has a heart full of gold ~
  I'll just like to thank her from the bottom of my heart for taking the time and effort to not only read but also review my book.  I really value her opinion so you can imagine my reaction at her wonderful review.

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Jacinta Maree offers the reader something that I truly love, Teenage Fiction filled with intrigue, passion and characters that are beautifully crafted and intrinsically developed. It was impossible not to be swept away by the tide of emotion and drama that poured off Jacinta Maree's wonderful pages.

As a harsh critique of dialogue, I was so very happy by the author's craft. Jacinta Maree created natural flowing dialogue that really helped to shape her characters and the wide variety of relationships evident in My Demonic Ghost. I believed her story, believed in her characters and believed, with out a doubt, that her fantasy world was real.

Jacinta Maree successfully created two main protagonists that I whole-heartedly cheered for. Both Rachael and Lock were movingly real; there were several moments that I felt a rush of pride at their actions, and deep sorrow as aspects of their lives and stories unfolded.

I was pleasantly surprised by the 'darkness' of Rachael and Lock's journey. So often, I feel misinformed by artwork and the book's synopsis. But this was most definitely not the case with My Demonic Ghost. The characters feel fear, witness horror and encounter horrendous characters. Jacinta Maree handles this very well, whilst all the time still staying true to the YA genre.

If you are looking for a moving and dark YA fantasy, with beautiful tender moments of love and compassion, then by sure to purchase yourself a copy of My Demonic Ghost.

For everyone who isn't familiar with Bec and what she does with her blog Bex 'n' Books I strongly suggest you check her out NOW!

She's the type of friend you make for life. Thank you Becs. ♥

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