Monday, 11 February 2013

The moment...

The moment when you hold your very first published book in your own hands....

I have never been so grateful and so incredibly excited in my whole life than I am now seeing my book as a real paperback copy. I don't know if I've said it enough times or not but thank you mum and dad, thank you my beautiful friends and family, thank you to my new supporters and thank you Heather from Staccato for taking a chance on me.
P.s You gotta love my awsome tea sets, chop sticks, golden zodiac egg and origami flowers.  


  1. Wow it looks so good! I love how green Lock's eyes look! And the little bit of review at the bottom is a really cool touch. Awww I'm so happy for you!

    And your tea sets are awesome! I'll have to show you a photo of mine sometime; one of my relatives brought it back from Japan in the 1800s :)

    1. That's so cool! You gotta take a photo for me. I love teasets, especially if they are oriental and ESPECIALLY if they are Japanese. :D Thank you dear, ha ha ha I love the greener tones in the picture, it brings forth not only the focus on his eyes but a stronger sense of evil and mystery. I'll have to oraganise you a paperback copy. OH we can do a swap! When you get yours we can exchange them!

    2. I will :) I think you'll like it! Yes that's what I thought about his eyes, it just looks sooo great. If I didn't know it to be AMAZING already I would definitely pick it off the shelf! Oh definitely, I'd love to send you one if you wanted! Can't wait to get MDG in hard copy though, I'm itching to read it again!